Reasons To Learn Swahili

There are various reasons to learn Swahili. Not only Swahili words are used in the famous muscial
"The Lion King". Swahili is also a Lingua franca on the African continent spoken by over 150 million people.
It is the offical language of the East African Community, the African Union and many
african countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Kongo. Swahili will be soon becoming a language of information technology, with the booming
economy. There are already all lot of east african mobile applications, e.g. for paying mobile with mpesa or order tasty food with Jumia food order.
The result is already now flourishing techculture introducing words like swahilihood. So learning Swahili is a must if you want to mingle in the fastly
growing east african economy.

How to learn Swahili online?

This web side provides you with theoretical lessons wrapped in multi media and interactive exams to test your achivements.
It will give also access to many other Swahili resources. So we hope you will enjoy or tumaini kufurahia as we Swahili speakers would say.